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How much does it cost?
GamePixel is free to use for both content creators and viewers, however services such as community advertisement, community engagement, comment moderation etc are available for a fee to content creators. If you would like to use these features please get in touch with us via the Contact page.

Do you offer a VIP subscriber service?
In addition to being able to donate directly to content creators (100% of the donation is given to the creator), you can also become a Spec Ops member for £7.99 a month – we will even give you a 1 month Free Trial.

Our Spec Ops members get access to:

  • Ad free – You won’t be show ads during video’s and Livestream’s
  • Downloading content – for when you may be without internet access for a while
  • Sponsoring creators – you can sponsor up to three creators on a monthly basis who will get a portion of your Spec Ops subscription
  • Emoji’s – full access to our library of emoji’s including custom emoji’s from the content creators you follow

What tools do you provide for Content Creators?
From the Creator Dashboard you can access our vast array of tools to assist you:

  • Track how well your content is doing, rankings, and those of your competitors.
  • A clear breakdown of your titles, thumbnails, keywords and tags to help understand which ones are the most effective
  • Schedule videos to be unpublished or published and added to playlists at specified date/time
  • Create professional quality thumbnails using stills from your video combined with text and image overlays
  • Promote your videos and planned livesteams in the descriptions of all your other videos
  • Keep in touch with your community members across multiple social platforms

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please see our Privacy Policy page


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