49 thoughts on “The Man Who Cracked Counter-Strike: The Story of gla1ve

  1. Glad to know device and glaive are childhood friends. One had an injury from badminton the other an injury from football. Both are now cs legends in the same team. Its like a story from a fairy tale

  2. most pro player backstories:
    was really good at a sport and grew up in a middle class family. has a brother / friend / dad who plays video games who introduced them to counter strike source. got a terrible injury and cant play sports, plays counter strike instead and is really good at it. plays in a small team at first but then gets signed by a popular team. at first they win a lot but then they lose a lot and then suddenly at a tournament they just go absolutely ham and end up winning it. the end

  3. I feel like him playing cs 😅 So many people doesnt understand the game or how to read other players and for that matter, doesnt even know nades.

  4. All this players have 15000 hours of gaming expierience and still dont wear Glasses.
    and her My numbers keeps increasing even if I take a lot of precaution.

  5. theScore esports only made this video, because it's Gla1ves 25 birthday.
    Happy birthday Gla1ve.
    We will se you stronger than ver before, wen you are coming back!

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