46 thoughts on “Valorant vs Counter-Strike Global Offensive – All Weapons Comparison

  1. Well, I don't like them both, but I'll go with CS:GO. Reasons: Not futuristic, more weapons (Valorant is in beta now, so we will leave that behind) and real ones, I love CS classic gameplay, even tho I don't like that much CS:GO, Valorant is just a mix of CS:GO and Apex Legends, and I didn't like them much, so same here. Pretty much that.

  2. ayeee great gameplay brotha 😊 you got some solid videoz honestly keep uploading and you will do very guud! cheers brotha 😄

  3. Valorant didn't do a bad job since it's first fps game in riot games, but csgo is still better in terms of sounds, reloading animations and more realistic gun recoil + less system requirments

  4. Valorant guns are from CS just with different sounds and sights
    On CS you need to train to be a good player in Valorant you just keep shooting

  5. This comment section in a nutshell:
    some dude: told people their own opinion about the sounds and animations
    another dude: No,CS 1.6 and SOURCE is better! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE,Volvo is shit lolololol

  6. Some of ya’ll i saw in other vid said “CsGO HaS dA wUrST sEuND”

    And now ya’ll saying it sound gud

    Sry if i misunderstand ya’ll :I

  7. Sound-Wise, I'd say it's a tie.
    CS does have some weak sounds, though Valorant isn't any better. The laser-sound effects, which I suppose is the crack of the bullets, are exaggerated from the shooter and sound cartoony. The guns almost have no echo too.
    In CS if you listen closely there is a bit of audible echo, though it's still lacking.

  8. Valorant Is A Mix Of Csgo And kinda of Overwatch, but with "futuristic" things just made it like a kid game trying to make a FPS game with really less knowlegde of guns or crap at guns. And the gun Sights on some rifle , is just a thing cover around the crosshair.

  9. Everyone complaining about Valorant being childish and cartoony,not everything has to be realistic you know,go play arma or some other tactical fps if you want realism…

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