46 thoughts on “BEST PRO CS:GO SCOUT PLAYS

  1. Really nice fragmovie. Both intro and outro its very professional editor. Thats why I subscribed him😀.

    Come on guys, subscribe him🤩👍

  2. Киберспортсмены: стреляют куда-то в сторону, в прыжке, головой вниз играя ногами, попадают в голову и убивают.
    Я: стреляю ровно в голову, промахиыаюсь, ровно в тело, промахиваюсь, в просвет – промахиваюсь

  3. Bro i love your vids and love seeing you rise, i knew you since 19k ^^ but i really think your music choice was better before, all the last ones try so hard to be epic, bit you dont need epic music to make your vids epic, they are bc of your skills 🙂

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