27 thoughts on “Counter Strike GLOBAL OFFENSIVE | !insta

  1. Jitne meethe log h gaali nhi sunna to scout ki stream mat dekho…scout ki audience alag h wo us hisab se stream krta h… Mortal ki audience meethe logo se bhari h…to meethe log scout ki stream pe maa na chudaye… Peace😁

  2. Chutiyo voh mortal ko Nahi Bola. First thing mortal was MVP ,second thing mortal plays competitive. Boom baam classics is just a slang scout uses lot these days.

    Yesterday hydra won 3 Matches in a row and dynamo fans are spreading hate. That's why scout stepped up. He said dynamo never became MVP even though he played pmsc.ofcourse boom baam classics is for dynamo. He is only playing classics not competitive.

    Scout haters are taking advantage and misguiding everyone even when scout himself said he is not referring to mortal.

  3. Scot big fan of yours I always see your videos. You are Asia best funny and best pro player. I am giving you one link
    Click on the link and get suns skin

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