37 thoughts on “Famous Pro CHEATING Scandals! (CS:GO)

  1. Man… People hit nutty shots in casual games on CSGO… so how can we know if they are cheating or legit anymore if these so called pro's cheating on main events… imma gonna call everyone cheating from now on hahahahaah

  2. why are you including HVH clips? they aren't doing anything to harm the community whatsoever since they're playing on non-vac-secured servers made just for that reason

  3. please dont add the ne of forsaken cuz that sucker wasn't famous. That shithead destroyed the little hope of having pro CS scene in India. add him in worst cheating scandals and not is famous.

  4. You have a platform of almost 2 million subsrcibers that probably all play CSGO and maybe tf2 please use your platform to alert everyone CSGO is unsafe right now due to the code leaks that can allow users to run malicious content on other people's computers

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