25 thoughts on “EPIC GAME!! – Astralis vs mousesports – ESL Pro League Season 11 – CS:GO

  1. every time is see the little commercial for the one betting site, i just constantly think, "why is a betting site being promoted to kids????????? And who would actually fall for that shit advertisement." People have lsot their lives to gambling addictions, fucking fix you sponsor goddamn

  2. Csgo comp is so weird. One day mouse get only 5 rounds across 2 maps against Astralis and are in risk to drop from the competition. The next day they beat them and get in the grand final. Isnt it stupid? It looks like match fixing for an outsider. One day the lose 16-2 in dust 2, the next they win 19-17 against the same team. How can it be so diferent? Latency issues? Lack of sleep?

  3. Does anybody knows how to enable this nick scoreboards ( left and right ) l wish to Edit my cs go movie and add this as a visual effect – is this is mod/patch , if yes where can l find it ? Thanks

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