39 thoughts on “Astralis vs OG – ESL Pro League Season 11 – CS:GO

  1. WELL DONE mate sick as always–ur videos are perfect mate-between showing real highlights to show who pick maps between maps till the end of video where showing each map scores—SIMPLY PERFECT

  2. I wonder if we will be seeing an AK vs M4 meta in full force again, seeing as how the aug is practically nowhere to be seen and teams keeping sg553 till round 14.

  3. so Astralis went back to their old strat, where dev1ce and dupreeh double awp, where as when they fought navi and fnatic magisk was awping, I guess magisk awping wasn't.working haha

  4. Watching ASTRALIS play really motivates me to become an IGL. Man Just played overpass and rekt the team.
    Its MM so i had to become entry fragger also and IGL

    Score 0-7 we were t side lol rekt them.
    Later on our ct side players didnt know the ct postition so hold so lost some rounds.
    Final score 9-16 πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‚

  5. I wonder what's up with Astralis and Navi
    1.They lose their balls to Navi bigtime
    2. Navi act like bots against other teams.
    3. Astralis beats the crap out of any other team.

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