33 thoughts on “FURIA vs MIBR – ESL Pro League Season 11 – CS:GO

  1. remember when they were complaining about underperfoming when tarik and stew were on the team? i member

    remember when fer said tarik sucks and wont get them anywhere? i member

  2. MIBR pegou uma lavada da team liquid, a furia foi lá e PA,agora fúria PA na MIBR.kkkkkkkkk
    Go go go FÚRIA, melhor do Brasil no momento.

  3. 21:22 is the reason why MIBR lost this game. 5v3, you have entire B-halls control, and yet you decide to push. This is standard CS:GO 101, don't push too aggressively unnecessarily. Fer gave them the opening to B-site, and gave Furia the momentum for all the rounds they win afterwards.

    Frustrated me so much that pros can't even understand basic CS, makes me believe the MIBR doesn't give a shit. T-side was horrendous. No coordination, flashing each other when pushing, going out A-site raw, no wonder they didn't win a single T-side round.

  4. Meyern, fallen and fer played so good this match but taco and kngv are not in their best level. And that is why mibr can not win clear. And the communication is a problem to

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