30 thoughts on “CS:GO's 'Major' Update – New buy menu, crosshair config, Patches etc

  1. Fuck, I sold my agents because they were useless to me because I never really saw them. And now I want them back and they're gonna cost me more money than I sold them for. Ugh

  2. I dont like the status of cs go right now, to many skins an changes, why cant they just do a new one and leave the old version of the game

  3. it would be nice to disable the playermodel in the buy menu just for simplicity sake, and for all those kids who have a craptop and will get annoyed at their fps taking a sudden dip when opening the menu
    (i was trying to think of a word for happening instantly but also ending instantly but couldnt think of it)

    edit: and also maybe an option to disable the mouse pointer being automatically transported to the center of the buy wheel

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