31 thoughts on “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Source 2 Port Leaks

  1. CSGO being ported to Source 2 would have so many more advantages other than "better hitboxes".

    As an example, we'd finally be able to use the new SDK tools, which are way better than the good old hammer, they even allow for model scaling!

    It'd also allow for more visual effects (Implementing graphic stuff to Source is currently a rather tedious task given by how it was all written, yeah, it is possible, but tedious if you want to go further than just implementing simple shaders), and this can be seen in the names listed in the video

    Or maybe this will just be like Dota 2, where literally nothing will change as far as what we can see other than the SDK (which is more than welcome) but maybe, just maybe, it'll make it easier for them to push updates due to (complete speculation) source 2's better workflow .

  2. i will quote Zool:
    "it wont happen.

    S2 is coming to CSGO not the other way around… else it's CS:S with the Orange Box port all over again… you guys want that?

    The amount of things it broke.. and the upgrade was minimal.

    Think about it for a second. It wouldn't be worth it and makes no sense."
    dont get hyped for nothing, they will implement source 2 elements but not expect anything major

  3. Let GO die and just make a new CS.. GO is literally trash, filled with trash players. CS 1.6 <3 <3 <3 <3 hell, even Source was WAY better than GO. 1.6 and Source was skill demanding, GO is just holding corners and throwing smokes, that's it.

  4. Very unlikely that a company who makes bank on csgo would bother to make a new game that may not and would require an enormous amount of dev work.

  5. Love how Tyler is trying to be more than just clear that some things aren't confirmed and are just educated guesses so no fake gaming journalists take them as fact. Thanks, Kotaku

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