46 thoughts on “Do You Like The New PUBG Map? (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

  1. You didn’t grab the MK14…

    Edit: I love the map, but I would have preferred Sanhok to be removed instead of Vikendi. I mean Sanhok is my second favorite map, but both karikan and Sanhok have very similar gameplay experiences.

  2. Not a fan.
    1. Way too small.
    2. Not enough loot.
    3. Black zone happens way too often.
    4. No grenades.
    If I wanted to play COD, I wouldn't be playing PUBG. These devs can kiss my Karakin.

  3. I do that sometimes, get all nervous after the first kill on a team like that. See the other guys, go behind cover, take a quick breath and fuckin rain hell with a clear mind. Nice clutch bro

  4. It's amazing they are more worried about content than fixing the game. New map is trash, also people just spam sticky bombs , ruins pubg.

  5. Speaking for my xbox experience The lack of detail is horrible compared to the other maps it did run very smooth. I like how the black zone forces ppl out of houses the tunnels are fun to explore but campers and teamers are beyond bad

  6. I should probably try it at some point but they genuinely made it as un-enticing as possible. If they made it gray and called it The Moon I’d be more excited lol, but the sandy terrain is So. Played. Out. Over it.

  7. To early to tell but its definitely interesting. Played 4 matches and got 2 dinners. Needs more meds and weapon spawns. Tone down sounds of the dark zone and siren. I'm okay with 4x and snipers being rare but it seems to scarce. I'm sure they'll update it when it hits live servers.

  8. I play with a loot goblin it's horrible… every fucken kill I get he runs to I need ammo or I need this or that … I have shot him a time or too to keep him away

  9. To be honest.. no not really… It's quite the opposite of what the community asked for to some extent…lol I can recall people saying another jungle map or another snow map but I don't think I have ever herd anyone say oh bring us another desert map!! Lol

  10. Good Lord Gary was on fire! Both you guys played this well. The more I think about this map the more I like it. Yes it's vastly different but that's why it's a good thing. It's kind of a pallet cleanser after a super nerve racking game on a larger map. You drop and go ham or get dead.

  11. Average didn't give Gary the 2x when he dropped it for the 3x… all that celebrating finding a 2x and complaining about teammates taking their optics and they just leave it in the dirt. XD

  12. Could care less about the new map, I'd rather they would concern themselves with gameplay instead. I still find I'm not always seeing people nearby when parachuting down and losing attachments when switching weapons.

  13. Haven't played pubg in 1.5 years and after watching yesterday's streams from blitz5 and jeweliw jewelz I'm happy to say I'm never playing pubg again with its teamers in solo and its keyboard users in squad using XIM and shit.

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