20 thoughts on “My Thoughts On New PUBG Map Karakin (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

  1. I really just hate the devs for pubg. Every patch adds more broken stuff followed by hot fix followed by secondary hot fix and revert on some of the original patch work. They need an "operation health" like r6 had. Just deal with problems for a month or three if they want this game to move with the new consoles especially

  2. Right there with you. I wish they would up the FPS on console and make the game run better than keep adding new content. It does look like a nice change of pace of though.

  3. Personally I don’t play pubg for quick gameplay and small maps. If I want a fast paced action shooter I’ll play COD. Novelty of this map will be over 2 weeks after launch

  4. I watched the stream you did on replay, and you sounded frustrated and angry at times 🙁. Whilst you mentioned your squad was mostly new to PC (experienced Xbox players) most moderate players will get frustrated quickly I feel. Whilst I appreciate this is the Test Server, I doubt it will be that much improved by the time it goes “live”. After 30 mins of your stream I hated this map already. PUBG doesn’t have the game mechanics to support run and gun, the de-sync is ridiculous. I feel smaller maps magnify the problems of the game. Anyway, love your channel but when you’re away from this game and return, you realise how terrible this game really is 😢. It’s a diamond they somehow polished into a turd 😢

  5. I dont like sandcock and from watching the stream, dont think imma like this map. looks rather terrible for the reasons you stated. I dont wanna get pinched every turn by another squad and its just so open with no cover, gun fight to gun fight with no time or place to heal if you have heals. nah

  6. The Xbox version is gonna run at a sloppy 20fps. I moved on to modern warfare a few weeks back after realizing that hitting a guy from 15 ft away with 80 rounds of 556 from my m4 then getting shredded by a micro uzi instantly is the direction pubg is going. The games needs to be remade for console for me to return to it. That's coming from a die hard pubg fan. Fix the fkn game.

  7. I can break it down to pros and cons;
    PRO: Faster paced = more games played per gaming session, less health = less gun fights getting overly drawn out, in the open space there's still a lot of terrain elevation changes, rocks and other objects for tactical movement to close the gaps for CQB engagements.

    Cons: Low loot = teammates greedily taking everything and leaving you FUCKED! Very casual design to the map does indeed show lack of care from the DEVs. Fast pace of game does seem to take away the authentic feel we got from the original two maps.

    In summation, this feels like a last ditch effort for the Devs to try and bring in new crowds to a different feeling version of PUBG. Almost in direct competition to COD, Apex, and even dare I say fortnite. Great video! I really appreciate you putting an honest opinion on a game you once held above all others.

  8. Warzone just a variable to simulate real like war that's all. Adds anxiety, action, and drama to the element of the game. When you take it out you're watering down the game to fit your video gaming needs. Let the creators create, quit complaining.

  9. I think this new map looks pretty good, along with some cool additions, the hidden tunnels remind me of 'Rambo – Last Blood' !!

    I like the addition of Destructable Buildings and Black Zones on this map which will add more variety towards how we play, Plus, there's Timed Sticky Bombs and Rocket Launchers !!

    All-in-All, it looks like it'll be a fun change of pace !!

    !! Thanks for another info vid…..Keep up the Great Work !!

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