35 thoughts on “PUBG New Map and Season 6 Info (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

  1. This map looks fun. Might be too small but it looks like a lot of fun. Sanhok needs to go. I hope they don’t get rid of Vikendi. I just started to really like it.

  2. I think you overlooked the underground portion of the map as well. There appears to be a large underground area that can get you from one place to another on this map. Would love an updated video including that aspect.

  3. Hi Dave , Thanks for the ‘Reveal’ video , definitely very informative, wow the shit you can do with a PC is incredible, I guess this won’t be possible on console !?
    What do I think of the new map .. well that’s a bloody good question, Er it’s not really blowing my socks off , and going with your tone ( I’m being presumptuous here //sorry) you don’t really rate it either . The first impression I got was it’s rather open , lacking in those wonderful bushes and looks like a mini version of Miramar.
    The excitement ( if there is any ) is that it’s a new map , but it’s been diluted for me if they are actually going to ditch Vikendi , Wo that’s left a bad taste in my mouth , I love the vastness of Vikendi , and it’s so big , possibly too big but I’ve had some great matches ( no chicken ) and got a lot of details that possibly get wasted at times but always produces something fresh every match without fail , and with my limited hours sunk into this game , there’s still loads of places I feel unfamiliar with ( Miramar does this as well ) which adds for me excitement every time .
    I have to say the current goodies aren’t all that special and I agree the next chapter looks a bit lack lustre as well , the rewards are a bit boring . Some nice helmets and that ‘Victory ‘ dance is sooooo long but hey it’s cool .. well at least initially lol .
    Really enjoyed Monday’s and Tuesdays stream , though I’ve still as yet to see all of the Gun game stream .. but I saw a few Victories , you were smashing it ( especially against Grumpy and Uno LOL .
    Sorry you’ve had to drop Mixer , you had of course sound reasons but I said it before but I got perfect picture quality on those streams on replay .
    I’ve got Twitch installed but last time out the chat wasn’t working for me at all , but the quality was solid .
    Great content , always a pleasure to watch and listen . GG .

  4. Lol this looks terrible. I truly hate these devs at this point. Oh, Erangel is your favorite map, Community? Oh yeah? Here’s a 2×2 of mirimar with no cover. Deal with it.

  5. Me personally I think it's too small And only 64 players. Would of like to see it bigger or even a 4×4. So we lose vikendi. Why not keep em all. I think pubg is trying to be more like other BRs instead of doing its own thing. Might be time to play other games.

  6. What are they thinking? The only cover is inside buildings, and what does that encourage? (There is also an extensive underground tunnel system.) . This map will get old fast.

  7. man they really gotta get better at the rewards for the battle pass. they only make the cool stuff for straight up purchase only it’s so toxic,

  8. Bluehole really know how to kill a good thing. Smh this map looks terrible. Its a mini mirmar, the most hated map in the game. Every time they do something I like they take 2 steps back. Just frustrating. Time for modern warfare to drop their br mode gonna need a new ge to play. RIP Vikendi, best map they ever made.

  9. I don't think the large maps offer much replay value because you spend 3/4 of your time doing nothing….. The game needs to be average of 10-15 minutes per match, no bullshit, no camping. This allows people to play more games possibly get more chicken dinners. 30 to 45 minutes games are too long.

  10. PUBG devs should sell advertisement space on the maps, on the side of buildings etc.

    While you were scrolling i saw a building that it just struck me would look great with a SUPREME logo pasted on it

  11. Hope there's a second hand charity shop on karakin where I can hand in all the t-shirts, polo shirts, flip flops, shorts and vests I've received from the crates in the previous 5 seasons 🤞

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