31 thoughts on “CSGO but my friends STRESS ME OUT!! (Counter Strike – Global Offensive Highlights)

  1. funny you're the best YouTuber ever seen I just wish you had more like I loved you all your videos I would never I would never ever do you like a video but you are the best YouTuber ever seen but you're not the actual you are my second best YouTuber DanTDM it's about the first but I love you okay you just have a nice video also I got a challenge for you and all your friends do on Kong Gmod the only allowed to fly around but you you Fred your you Simon said that mean you going to tell them what to do while they're flying but this up flying or that do something not allowed to do that game but you must have donated $1,000 one of your friends with all them lost you keep the money okay friend but you have a good day day and have to try to have a nice day I love you bye

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