31 thoughts on “PUBG Is Getting Super Sweaty (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

  1. Your point of not having time to play is spot on for me. That's why i enjoy the time I watch you stream (when I do get time for that); thanks for the fun.
    I just built a new rig last year and just don't get the time to use it for its intention.

  2. As it's only gotten more difficult on console, I've gotten better by leaps and bounds. Regularly getting 7 kills or better but getting chicken dinners isn't going to be easy because it's 95% who has the better position in the last phase. You can get smoked by an inferior player who is peaking from cover or who has high ground or a team of 4 vs 2….

  3. Or make a pubg 2. Promote the hell out of it and make a free to play or bring the price down. Only competition is fornight and apex, nobody else has this style of game on all platforms. The market is there.

  4. Could not agree with this more. I actually think it’s an issue with FPS games in general. I only ever play squads/duos now as it’s more fun. Solos is a total try hard mode. Usually I’d play cod when playing online solo for fun but modern warfare is a total sweatfest too I don’t even enjoy that. Are casual fun FPS shooters not want the devs want?

  5. PUBG is not intended to be a double digit kill game. 100% PVP games should be hard to master. The fact that others aren't does not reflect negatively on PUBG. Want to make it easier, have a loby where 1/2 the players are bots. If you want a more casual game choose that loby.

  6. I've been console playing since it's release, I'm one of those that only gets to play for a couple of hours on the weekend. It is very difficult for me to get kills/wins, but I don't want to play anything else. It's fun and frustrating at the same time.

  7. Not a smooth enough game for more advertising. Doesnt look very good and doesn't feel like an average game. It's an acquired taste. I feel they need to release a second one with all new maps and a new game engine.

  8. Dave,

    I really don’t think that the problem will get fixed with this iteration. Other than on PC we don’t see many games come back after it has dropped. Also, I think it would be hard to cater to the casual population because it will just become another COD or BF. I think you are on to something in regards to advertising though. Honestly, I think we are just going to have to wait for a PUBG 2 and I think they are going to make it too casual and won’t hold interest for half as long as the first has.

  9. I love pubg but your right i cant convince my friends and family to play with me cuz they hate how difficult it is to get to a comfortable level of play they get frustrated and say lets play modern warfare now

  10. I bought this game a few months ago. I must of played it less than 5 times.

    Getting wrecked for an hour is fun but becomes less motivating each time.

    It's hard/slow to get better. Ain't nobody got time for that.

  11. Just played PUBG in front of my family at Christmas…had some players that had not played since it came out. They couldn't believe how much it has changed. So added a few more people there.

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