27 thoughts on “I Killed PUBG Santa And a CHEATER Killed Me (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

  1. I play on eu like every day for 3 hrs and i see punch of DOUYOUSxxxxxx names when i play tpp and they are good but my question is :are those from china?
    But i dont think i see cheaters

  2. Santa wasn't even salty when you shot him..who's going to feed those reindeer now Average..?? GG tho, do you think this radar thing is as big a problem for console as it is for p.c or is it mainly just a p.c thing? I am sure I have been radar hacked on xbox more than a few times lately but it's hard to prove.

  3. I was killed by a guy which played with keyboard and mouse. Im stayed to watch how he played … 1/2 seconds to make headshot , all bullets right to the enemy. Oh boy , on gamepad its only few second to make aim to someone. And i can't report him, pubg website for xbox doesn't have this option, this is only for PC players.
    Cheaters is a cancer for PUBG.

  4. There's no point playing if you have to cheat to win, there's no fun or satisfaction at-all…..If you cheat you're just a sad piece of sh1t and should just play more to get better at the game instead of being a cheating scumbag, because if you do cheat to win, if you NEED to cheat to win then it's obviously not the game for you !!

    Cheaters suck balls and they ALL need to be perma-banned imo !!

    @AverageSniper…..Thanks for another great video, Keep up the Great Work mate !!

  5. I'd like to pump a few rounds into the fat man for all the coal he brought me as a kid! Screw my PS4, I'm buying an Xbox so I can run radar and a modded controller with no recoil… If you're not cheating you're not trying!

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