24 thoughts on “PUBG Xbox – SKS For The Win (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

  1. I was telling a long time friend of mine (we're in our late 30s) about PUBG. He bought an Xbox for his daughters, and said he and some friends from his office play Fortnite from time to time, but had never heard of PUBG. He wanted to know if PUBG is more strategic and if it required good communication, because he was looking for a more realistic and tactical game. I'm going to show him this video to answer that question. GG fellas!

  2. I’m having Deja vu ? Swear I’ve seen this match before . Definitely an education in endurance , if at first you don’t hit your mark keep keep shooting , the amount of smacks you got on People , there seemed to be so many assists and knocks not t mention the 9 kills . Favourite moment was the vehicle pass at speed and you getting the two β€˜knocks β€˜ simultaneously with your auto weapon .. totally superb shooting .
    Great win great team work .. not average. GG .

  3. That double tap was effective. I'll be implementing that into SKS usage. Great dinner. Not to mention that casual squad wipe coming in from the blue. Just another day at the office for Batman, oh I mean averagesniper 🀣

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