18 thoughts on “New Map LEAKED: Rapide | PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds #119

  1. Edit: Hey, Sapphics and Rain are from Discord and they helped with getting the main information in this video. If you see them, just say hi.
    Will this be announce next week? Prolly not, at least I don't think so.

    It looks like it's for next year.

    tbh, I think PUBG might tease a new map at TGA, but I don't think we'll play it this year.

  2. I do hope they tease something in the game awards. And doesn't this seem a little too big for a TDM map? It's really interesting but Congrats on 8k subs man.

  3. I can't wait for pubg team to disable map selection on EU servers, we can only play Sanhok and Erangel in solo FPP because nobody is queuing for the other maps and it's quite annoying.

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