31 thoughts on “NEW PUBG Battle Royale MODE! Ring of Death (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds)

  1. I'm not sure if I should get this game I'm a bit of a sore loser and none of my friends have this so it would be solo play mostly should I buy great video thank you !

  2. checked out pubg report, that you mentioned a couple vids ago, to see if you have killed me yet. Nope!!!! Im just to damn good Average. Luv the vids, keep up the good work. Hope you get me someday.

  3. I like this mode better. Definitely more hectic, better loot and it got me playing PUBG again after a 3 month hiatus. Hope they permanently replace the old circle with this

  4. If this is a change they are considering making permanent in the game, then I think it is a terrible idea and will detract greatly from the wonderfully complex strategy aspect of the game.
    If this is a mode they would like to give players access to in an effort to create an option for a different style of play….I think it is great!

  5. It's a no from me dawg. I'll probably use this like I did War mode. Play a round or two to warm up, then bounce. I hate how PUBG is constantly trying to speed gameplay up. This is basically a survival game! Not Halo.

    I want a mode where you're dropped into a 4×4 map with no blue zone. Just more red zones to keep it interesting, and objectives like gathering food depots or trying to reach escape boats, etc, so you draw people generally to the same places. Let's have some 3 hour matches where the suspense is insane!

    The best part of PUBG is the suspense, not the firefights. To me at least.

  6. I like new options, but this will divide the NA PC player base even more, which is not good right now. I have one specific thing to talk about on this mode. I did have fun watching, but it ruined Sosnovka Island for the most part. The first blue circle took up most of the land mass and nearly all of the places you can gate keep people coming over from the main island, i.e. Ferry Pier, boats from the West coast, etc. As you showed, it is rough fighting in the blue, especially with early game loot. I prefer BF's destructible buildings to combat camping. PUBG already started doing this with the hay bales.

  7. PS4 players have to be the dumbest community of Pubg players I have ever played with. The decisions they make are MIND blowing and high blowing too! Drop hot but know damn well they not the drop hot type, but their favorite YouTuber does it sooooo they just do it lol πŸ˜†

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